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Ireland in Schools owes whatever success it is having in making Ireland a normal part of the curriculum in schools in Britain to a host of volunteers.
They promote the programme, organise pilot schemes, trial study units and, above all, devise teaching and learning resources.

The list of those to whom IiS is indebted is far too long to publish, but especial thanks are due to the following who have devised resources and generously made them freely available to others.*

Agnew, Peter, formerly Elton High School, Bury
Bailey, Richard, Ansford Community School, Castle Cary
Baker, Lee, Woodchurch High School, The Wirral
Blake, Yvette, Warrington Education Department
Blandford, Mark, Newcastle Community High School
Bracey, Paul, University of Northampton
Brierley, Jason, St George’s Church of England High School, Blackpool
Brookes, Rebecca, Gorsemoor Primary School, Stafforshire

Brown, Anne, St Hugh's Primary School, Liverpool
Carney, Ann, Manchester Education Partnership
Carroll, Bernie, Quality Learning Services, Staffordshire
Cavell, Anne, St Cleopas CE Primary School, Liverpool
Clements, Catherine, Freelance artist, Manchester
Conway, Margaret, Rye St Antony School, Oxford
Crompton, Sylvia, St Mary’s Catholic College, Blackpool
Culpin, Chris, SHP

Denton, Maggi, formerly St Paul’s Catholic Junior School, Liverpool
Diaz, Yvonne, Waterloo Primary School, Sefton
Doyle, Phil, Holy Name Primary School, Liverpool
Duckworth, Nigel, Montgomery High School Language College, Blackpool
Dunbar, Robert, formerly Church of Ireland College of Education, Dublin
Dyer, Helen, St Cleopas CE Primary School, Liverpool
Finnegan, Mary, King David High School, Liverpool
Fleetwood, Jacquie, St Cleopas CE Primary School, Liverpool
Flynn, Joe, Manchester City Council
Ford, Peter, South Wolds School, Nottingham
Gillespie, Marcella, The Nottingham Emmanuel School, Nottingham
Goetzee, Gillian, South Wirral High School, The Wirral
Gove-Humphries, Alison, Birmingham Education Service - BASS
Goward, Helen, St Cleopas CE Primary School, Liverpool
Greggs, Pat, The Wheldon Comprehensive, Nottingham
Griffiths, Karen, Upton Hall Convent School, The Wirral
Guthrie, Sandra, Cooper Perry Primary School, Staffordshire

Haywood, Lauren, Highfield Humanties College, Blackpool
Heath, Barbara, Gorsemoor Primary School, Staffordshire

Hibbert, Paula, Birkdale Primary School, Sefton
Hillyard, Gary, Ashfield School, Kirkby-in-Ashfield
Holden, Gillian, St Mary’s Catholic College, The Wirral
Hughes, Christine, St Cleopas CE Primary School, Liverpool
Jackson, Darius, University of Birmingham

Jamieson, Kath, & all the staff & children, Sudley Infant School, Liverpool
Jessop, David, Birkdale Primary School, Sefton

Jones, Diane, St Thomas More R.C. Primary School, Walsall
Jones, Marie, Wirral Education Centre/St Mary’s Catholic College, The Wirral
Judge, Frank, Woolston County Primary School, Warrington
Kelly, Wendy, Sir Thomas Boteler High School, Warrington
Kershaw, Tim, Calday Grange Grammar School for Boys, The Wirral
Kirkland, Sandra, Naseby CE Primary School, Naseby
Kyme-Wright, Susan, St. Joseph’s R.C. Primary, Warrington
Lennon, Helen, St Oswald’s RC Primary School, Warrington
Suzanne Lewis, Park Road Community Primary School, Warrington
Lockwood, Bill, Quality Learning Services, Staffordshire
Lomas, Rachel, Bispham High School, Blackpool
Loye, Noeleen, formerly Christ the King School, Nottingham
Loxston, Helen, formerly Highfield Humanties College, Blackpool

McAleese, Paul, Sir Thomas Boteler High School, Warrington

McCooey, Janet, Beacon Hill High School, Blackpool
McKeane, Ian, Institute of Irish Studies, University of Liverpool
Paul McMenamin, King David High School, Liverpool
Messent, Carin, The Weldon Comprehensive, Nottingham
Mill, Nigel, The Wheldon School, Nottingham
Mills, Gary, The University of Nottingham

Milner, Sarah, Tuxford School
Montgomery, Alison, Collegiate High School Sports College
Moran, Denzil, The Brunts School, Mansfield

Moore, Ann, Liverpool Education & Learning

Mulholland, Peter, Urmston Grammar School, Urmston
Neal, Frank, University of Salford
O’Malley, Rae, South Wirral High School, The Wirral
O’Sullivan, Maria, Holy Name Primary School, Liverpool
Orford, Pam, Burtonwood County Primary School, Warrington
Owen, Christine, St Paschal Baylon Primary School, Liverpool
Owen, Jack, Plessington Catholic High School, The Wirral
Parry, Pat, Friary Catholic Primary School, Liverpool
Peart, Nicky, Ashfield School, Kirkby-in-Ashfield
Pickford, Helen, Porchester Junior School, Nottingham
Pierzchalla, Sandy, Ryecroft CE (C) Middle School, Staffordshire
Pollard, Lesley, Northamptonshire Inspection & Advisory Service
Powell, Marion, Nottingham County Council

Roberts, Rachel, Cross Farm Primary School, Liverpool
Robinson, Jo, Gorsemoor Primary School, Staffordshire
Roderick, Vanessa, St Paschal Baylon’s Primary School, Liverpool
Rowlands, Drew, fomerly Rockferry High School, Wirral
Rummery, Chris, formerly Wirral Education Centre, The Wirral
Scott, Nicola, Oldershaw School, The Wirral
Snaith, Noel, Rock Ferry High School, The Wirral
Stewart Stark, Park Road Community Primary School, Warrington
Toole, Janet, School of History, University of Liverpool
Veevers, Joanne, William Gladstone CE Primary School, Sefton
Waite, Colin, formerly Wrenn School, Wellingborough
Walsh, Ben, author & educational consultant, Penrith
Walsh, Julie, Yelvertoft Primary School, Northamptonshire
Wilkes, David, Calday Grange Grammar School, The Wirral
Williams, Nia, St Cleopas CE Primary School, Liverpool
Williams, Neil, Maricourt Catholic High School, Maghull, Sefton
Wilson, Karen, Birmingham Education Service - BASS
Wood, Anne-Marie, Upton Hall Convent School FCJ, The Wirral
Wright, Phil, Palatine Community Sports College
Wykes, Maria, Northamptonshire Inspection & Advisory Service

* The institution given is that in which the contributor worked when collaborating with IiS.