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Resources: Secondary history

NB. New Key Stage 3 Programme of Study
For a detailed catalogue of how IiS resources can be used to deliver and enrich the new programme, please click here.
1. Overviews of Irish history
2. Irish pathways through Key Stage 3 History
3. A Norman conquest of Ireland?
4. Elizabeth I's Vietnam? - including 17th century aftermath & Cromwell
5. An United Kingdom?
a. Irish Famine b. 1916 c. other study units
6. Using historical fiction - children as evacuees & refugees in Second World War
7. Northern Ireland - getting behind the headlines?

IR indicates that the resource was devised by teachers or curriculum authorities in Ireland, north or south, but can be adapted to the curriculum in England, Scotland and Wales.

1. Overviews of Irish history

Mythical Ireland

Introduction to Irish History (PowerPoint, 2007) Earlier versions of PowerPoint

Ireland's History in Maps

How differently have the English & Irish regarded events in Ireland since the 12th century? - an overview of Anglo-Irish relations in one lesson

1. Lesson 2. Sources & images (PowerPoint)

2. Irish pathways through Key Stage 3 History

Romans to Rising - Trafford Irish pathway: Year 8 Tudor & Stuart Ireland

Tuxford's Irish pathway

1. Overview  2. Introduction: About Ireland
3. Y7 Term 1 Normans & Ireland 4. Y7 Term 3 Ulster Plantation
5. Y8 Term 1 Cromwell & Ireland  6. Y8 Terms 2 & 3 Irish Famine
7. Y9 Terms 1 & 2 Ireland in First World War & Beyond

Thinking Skills - Normans, Plantation of Ulster, Northern Ireland 

Irish history & the Secondary National Strategy

3. A Norman conquest of Ireland?

Study units
Normans & Ireland & Aoife's Story (Y7) - Birmingham

Norman greed, Irish weakness or something else?
Normans & Ireland (Y7) - Nottingham (Tuxford)

How complete was the Norman Conquest? Ireland as a case study
Normans & Ireland (Y7) - Trafford

How far did the Celtic peoples survive the Norman attempt to conquer the British Isles? An Irish case study.
Normans in Ireland: Advance Organiser (KS3 - Secondary National Strategy)

A Norman Conquest of Ireland? - a quick exercise using three types of sources

Norman Images of Ireland

Gerald of Wales & the Origins of English stereotypes about Ireland

Norman Intervention in Ireland through a Variety of Sources

Norman Ireland: Planning IR

Invasions of Ireland 1170-1320 (BBC)

4. Elizabeth I's Vietnam? - including 17th century aftermath & Cromwell

Texts for pupils (PowerPoint)
Who Should Control Ireland? (also pdf version)
Ireland & the Spanish Armada (also pdf version)
Two Gaelic Poems (in English) (also pdf version)

Visual (~ please contact IiS)
Slideshows (jpeg files - editable) ~
Sequencing the Life of Grace O’Malley pdf version with captions
Grace O’Malley, Granuaile, & Her Times ~
Maps of Ireland pdf PowerPoint

Study units (* pdf format)
Tudor Fortune Line (Y8)
Why Were There So Many Armada Wrecks off the West of Ireland? (Y8)
Who Should Control Ireland: Tudor Monarchs or Irish Lords (Y8)

1. Note for Teachers 2. Student Booklet: Who Should Control Ireland?
3. Worksheets 4. Images used in Worksheets (PowerPoint)

Reputations: Cromwell at Drogheda (Y8)*
Cromwell in Ireland: Collective Memory (Y8)*
Battling for Ireland in 17th Century (Y8)*
United Kingdom - Forced or Made? (Y8)*
Uniting the United Kingdom (Y8)*
Starters - Cromwell & Ireland (Y8)*

Resources (~ please contact IiS)
Tudor Images of Ireland*
Grace O’Malley
1. The Background* 2. & Elizabeth I* 3. Maps, Images, Notes*
Grace O’Malley - Songs*
Eclipse of Gaelic Ireland - Poetry*
Historical novels about Tudor Ireland (PowerPoint)~
1641 Rising: Protestant Propaganda (PowerPoint)

Loyalist Mural Celebrating Cromwell's Arrival in Ireland
Dates as Symbols for the People of Northern Ireland (1641, 649, 1688, 1689, 1690)


Plantations William III
Cromwell: Genocidal Maniac or Man of His Time? (Flash - 6 mins)*
Today, BBC Radio 4, 3 September 2008
On the 350th anniversary of Oliver Cromwell's death, two historians, Dr Michael O'Siochru** (Trinity College, Dublin) and Professor Martyn Bennett (Nottingham Trent University), agree that Cromwell was a more complex character than is usually allowed but debate whether the brutality of his invasion of Ireland in 1649 should be seen solely in the context of Ireland or in the broader context of the English civil war.

wma version to play or download

(To download the wma file in Firefox, right click on link and go to 'Save link as'.)


** Dr O'Siochru expands on his view of Cromwell in Ireland in 'The Curse of Cromwell?', History Ireland, Vol. 16 No. 5, September/October 2008, pp 14-17.
He concludes that Cromwell 'remains a remarkably modern figure, relevant to our understanding of both the past and the present, somebody to be closely studied and understood rather than revered or reviled'
For further details of the article, please contact IiS.

British Library

Ireland: Propaganda and Plantations (Sources & activities)
1.Irish priests attacked (1583) 2. An English view of Irish customs (1581)
3. An English view of Plantation (1612) 4. The Munster Rebellion (1599)
5. A Plantation Estate (1598) 6. Massacres of Protestants (1641)

5a. An United Kingdom? - the Irish Famine(~ please contact IiS)

IiS teaching schemes- pdf
History - Famine

Why Did Baby Bridget Die? (KS2 & 3)
State Aid or Self-help (Y9)
Great Irish Hunger (Y9)
Famine in British & Irish History (Y9) ~
Why Is the Irish Famine Important in British & Irish History? (Y9)
1. Notes for Teachers 2. Student Workbook
The Truth about Coffin Ships? (KS3) web pdf

History - Migration & Britain

Who has come to Britain, and when? An overview in one lesson
1. Lesson (pdf) 2. Images (PowerPoint)
What was it like to be an Irish immigrant in 19th century Britain? (KS2)

1. Study Unit (pdf) 2. Visual Sources & Other Illustrations (PowerPoint)
Liverpool & the Irish Famine (Y9)
Irish Migration to Britain (KS2) ~
Irish in Victorian Britain (A-level)

English, drama, music
Under the HawthornTree - Famine Story (Y5 & 6)
Doolough - A Playscript (KS3)
Drama, Citizenship & the Irish Famine (GCSE - Y10)

Non-fiction texts for Literacy Hour & English
Famine in Ireland (KS2 & 3)
AEB English Examination (A-level)

IiS resources - pdf
Famine Images
1. Starvation 2. English Press 3. Evaluation
Visual Sources: 'Death Stripped of All Dignity'
Children in the Irish Famine
Irish Countryside in Painting
Famine in Poetry & Song


IiS resources - multimedia

Famine in Ireland - PowerPoint ~ - collages of some slides

Full version - large file, please be patient.|_Secondary.ppt?wa=wsignin1.0
Famine songs - Opus (not editable) ~

An Integrated Approach: the Famine IR
Role Play: the Famine IR
Children of the Famine IR

Private Responses to the Famine IR

Students at Green Mountain Central School in Vermont found this site particularly helpful when researching the Irish Famine. Their teacher wrote:

We thought this article had a ton of great information and would make a great addition to the other resources on your page. I also thought this might serve as a wonderful example of how reaching out to others on the web is a great way to share helpful information and resources! I think they would be thrilled to see their recommendation up on your site!

Following the Famine - an excellent Canadian site

'The latest revisions to www.irishfamine.cahave been completed through the efforts of The Jeanie Johnston Educational Foundation. We now have extended programs, streaming videos and new photos and lessons for students and guides and helpful methods for teachers to minimize their workload in teaching this course. This web site is part of the Quebec Ministry of Education curriculum for the Province of Quebec. The introduction by Premier Jean Charest on video is one of 23 streaming videos on the site which covers a vast range of subjects contributed by some of the most published historians from the Universities of Cambridge, Manchester, Liverpool, Glasgow, Australia, Ireland and our own McGill College, Canada. All members both old and young will benefit from this site. It is historically correct, unlike many publications on the market today.'

The Irish Famine (BBC)
5b. An United Kingdom? - 1916

1916: Presentations & slideshows
Fighting for whom? 1916: the Easter Rising & the Western Front
The Easter Rising & the Somme: Images
(Please contact IiS for download links for these files.)

1916: Study units & resources - pdf format unless otherwise stated
Fighting for whom? 1916 in Ireland & on the Western Front
1. Student Workbook 2. Notes for Teachers
(click here for further details)
1916 at Tuxford School

1916 in Trafford

1916 - & Michael Collins - in Blackpool   PowerPoint

Fighting for whom? - 1916 - Relational Diagram

The Easter Rising & Beyond

Marches & Murals - 1916 & Present
Images of 1916 (Ppt)
1916 in Irish Art (Ppt)
'Irish battle of Somme stamp is first to mark British military past', The Guardian, 23 June 2006
1916: Cross-curricular possibilities

The Easter Rising BBC

Leaders of 1916 by the Irish artist Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin

1916: Seven Days in History IR

1916 Rebellion Walking Tour IR

Ireland - a 20th Century Timeline, with Changing Views of O'Connell Street IR

Postage Stamps Commemorating Irish Struggle for Independence
Postcards of 1916

5c. An United Kingdom? - other study units & resources

Ireland in Photographs, c.1860-c.1910 - selected photographs
Catholic Emancipation & O’Connell (A-level)
Gladstone & Ireland (A-level)
Fenians to Partition (A-level)
Parnell & the New Ireland (A-level)

Irish Home Rule & the British Comic Press, 1886-93 (PowerPoint)

(Please contact IiS for details of the article analysing the cartoons.)
Ulster Crisis (A-level)

Michael Collins - Fortune Line

The Black & Tans and the Auxiliaries (Post-16)

1. Documents & Sources 2. Images (PowerPoint) 3. More resources

Partition of Ireland
1. Study unit 2. Documents


This Year 13 unit raises twenty-nine key questions in thirty-four lessons in four sub-units. It includes a wide range of sources and different approaches to learning.

A further unit draws on the A-Team to encourage students to write effective coursework essays.

Ireland 1801-1921 (A2 - Y13)

The Campaign for Catholic Emancipation, 1823–1829 IR

Home Rule - The Elections of 1885 & 1886 IR

History of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA) IR
The Treaty Negotiations, October-December 1921 IR

6. Using historical fiction

1. How Far Does Reading & Writing Historical Fiction Help Us to Understand the Past? Yrs 5/6 /7, mainly History & PSHE
a. Evacuees - London to Co. Wicklow, Eire, using Safe Harbour O'Brien

    Drama Strategy for Lesson 2
b. Refugees - Vienna to Co. Down, N. Ireland, using Faraway Home, O'Brien
c. Notes for Teachers

2. What Was it Like to be a Child during WWII? - Yr 5, mainly History, but using Safe Harbour

3. Safe Harbour - Yr 6 NLS Planning Sheet

4. Evacuees in WWII: Dance Scheme of Work - Yr 6, based on Safe Harbour
5. The Holocaust: an Irish Response - KS3 RE, using Faraway Home and the Millisle Refugee Farm

6. Slideshows of images used in resources (IiS) (PowerPoint)

a. N. Ireland b. Éire c. Millisle d. Evacuees~ e. Refugees~

7. Northern Ireland - getting behind the headlines? (KS3 & GCSE)
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