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Resources: Historical fiction
O'Brien indicates teaching guide available from O'Brien Press
1. IiS study units & other resources based on historical novels

Under the Hawthorn Tree - Famine Story ( (Y5 & 6) O'Brien
Under the Hawthorn Tree: NLS Planning Sheet - Sefton (Y5)

Famine Images (pdf):

1. Starvation 2. English Press 3. Evaluation

1916 In Dublin & on the Western Front (Y9)

1. Teacher’s Notes 2. Student Workbook

Based on The Guns of Easter (O'Brien) & No Peace for Amelia (O'Brien)

Marches & Murals - 1916 & Present CH
1916 Easter Rising & the Somme - Images (PowerPoint)
Easter Rising Remembered in Irish Art (PowerPoint)

Irish Illustrators - PJ Lynch (Y5 & 6) ~

2. Historical novels drawn on in other IiS units

Medieval Ireland

Strongbow. The Story of Richard and Aoife O'Brien

Sixteenth-century Ireland:

Granuaile. The Pirate Queen O'Brien

Red Hugh. The Kidnap of Hugh O'Donnell O'Brien

3. Using historical fiction: Children as evacuees & refugees in the Second World War

1. How Far Does Reading & Writing Historical Fiction Help Us to Understand the Past? Yrs 5/6 /7, mainly History & PSHE
a. Evacuees - London to Co. Wicklow, Eire, using Safe Harbour O'Brien

    Drama Strategy for Lesson 2
b. Refugees - Vienna to Co. Down, N. Ireland, using Faraway Home, O'Brien
c. Notes for Teachers

2. What Was it Like to be a Child during WWII? - Yr 5, mainly History, but using Safe Harbour

3. Safe Harbour - Yr 6 NLS Planning Sheet

4. Evacuees in WWII: Dance Scheme of Work - Yr 6, based on Safe Harbour

5. The Holocaust: an Irish Response - KS3 RE, using Faraway Home and the Millisle Refugee Farm

6. Slideshows of images used in resources (IiS)
a. N. Ireland b. Éire c. Millisle d. Evacuees~ e. Refugees~

4. More

Does Irish historical fiction tell the truth? by Celia Keenan, Inis, vol. 12, Summer 2005

EACH historical fiction project