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Religious education

The lives of Irish saints, particularly Patrick and Brendan, and the Book of Kells, suggest lively lines of enquiry and opportunities for cross-curricular work.


An excellent source of ideas is the medium plan for RE produced by Lesley Pollard of Northamptonshire County Council Education and Community Learning. It draws on the lives of St Patrick and St Brendan to look at ‘People in Christianity’ with links to Drama, History, Literacy and Music.


The scheme takes advantage of the very evocative The Brendan Voyage, an orchestral suite for uilleann pipes composed by Shaun Davey.

At Key Stage 3 Lesley has devised another imaginative scheme of work KS3) exploring Judaism and an Irish response to the Holocaust.

~ Please contact IiS for the resources thus marked.

People in Christianity - St Patrick & St Brendan (KS1 & 2)

St Patrick

  1. Different Images  2. Story in Pictures 

St Brendan

Irish textbooks
Brendan's Story, Footprints 3 - pdf & PowerPoint
St Brendan & the Whale, Time Traveller 1 - pdf & PowerPoint ~
Make Your Own Brendan Boat, Everything Irish - pdf ~

Literacy - narrative poem
Brendan & the Whale, an illustrated narrative poem - pdf & PowerPoint
The Brendan Voyage, Orchestral Suite for Uilleann Pipes

IiS resources
St Brendan's Story in Pictures - Pdf & PowerPoint

The Voyage: Matching Music & Mood (PowerPoint)

RE: People in Christianity Scheme of work: St Patrick & St Brendan at KS 1 & 2 - pdf & Opus Presentation ~
Notes for Teachers
  Notes on the Voyage - pdf
  Summary of Tenth-Century Text -pdf
Installable Celtic fonts ~

The Brendan Project at Sudley Infant School, Liverpool:

Telling a Story: Brendan the Navigator IR (NCCA exemplar)

Another Look at the Book of Kells - pdf & PowerPoint ~
1. About the Book of Kells                   2. Celebrating Christ
3. Joyous Christmas?                          4. Temptation of Christ
5. Celtic Lettering: Use or Ornament?   6. More Lettering
7. Animals in Book of Kells                  8. The Funny Side
9. Inspired by the Book of Kells           10. Celtic alphabet

 The Holocaust - an Irish response (KS3)



Book of Kells

Decorative lettering: use or ornament?

This letter N begins the well-known sentence:

‘No man [Nemo] can serve two masters. He will either hate the one and love the other, or hold to the one and despise
the other.’

Does the little picture of the two men struggling give a clue to the words of Jesus which need to be thought about?