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Simple quizzes & survey for history
Alfred the Great & Brian Boru

Whose Saga: Alfred the Great's or Brian Boru's? - survey/questionnaire

Alfred & Brian Crossword

Alfred & Brian Timeline - sequencing exercise (htm)

Alfred & Brian Timeline - sequencing exercise (Flash)

Medieval Ireland
Normans & Ireland - text-based multiple choice
Normans & Ireland - graphical multiple choice ('Fling the Teacher')
Why Did the Normans Go to Ireland - matching/sequencing exercise
Medieval Names & Terms - graphical anagram quiz
Norman Views of the Irish (Gerald of Wales) - true/false

Normans & Ireland - graphical multiple choice (Penalty shootout)
Sixteenth & seventeenth centuries
Change over Time - text-based multiple choice (htm)
Life of Granuaile, Grace O'Malley - matching/sequencing exercise
Starters for Cromwell & Ireland
a. Key Terms
b. Odd One Out - Flash multiple choice
Nineteenth century

Catholic Emancipation - short cloze exercise

Catholic Emancipation: Some Key Terms - matching exercise

Young Ireland - cloze exercise

Anglo-Irish Relations, c 1860-1900: Some Key Terms - matching exercise

Who Said This? - matching exercises

  Anglo-Irish Relations 1840-1880 - matching exercises (hmt)

  Anglo-Irish Relations 1880-1921 - matching exercises (Flash)

Sequencing Anglo-Irish Relations under the Union - 'perfect picture'
Who’s Who in Anglo-Irish relations, 1800-1921 - hangman
  a. With Hints b. Without Hints

Twentieth century

Ulster Unionist Propaganda - answering questions about a postcard

Larne Gun-running - cloze exercise

Easter Rising - four mixed-up or silent sentences

Who Said This? Collins, De Valera & the Anglo-Irish Treaty - multiple choice

Northern Ireland

Entry Quiz   Entry Survey - taken before course

Exit Quiz     Exit Survey - taken after course

Murals 1 - identifying murals as loyalist or republican

Murals 2 - a Flash version of the above

Murals 3 - identifying features in the murals used in the first two exercises

Murals 4 - identifying symbols in a loyalist mural