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Simple quizzes & surveys
The following two pages contain on-line versions of short, simple quizzes and surveys which have been used successfully in various IiS study units for English and History.

Free software
They have largely been compiled using free software, particularly Hot Potatoes, ContentGenerator and Academy.
Hot Potatoes
Hot Potatoes enables the creation of interactive Web-based teaching exercises which can be delivered to any Internet-connected computer equipped with a browser. The exercises use HTML and JavaScript to implement their interactivity, but there is no need to know anything about these languages in order to use the programs.

There are five basic programs in the Hot Potatoes suite:
JQuiz for question-based quizzes; JCloze for gap-fill exercises;
JCross for crossword puzzles; JMix for jumbled-sentence exercises; and
JMatch or matching or ordering exercises.
This software from Contentgenerator allows anyone to create their own interactive Flash quizzes without the need for programming skills or any additional expensive software
The free programmes comprise three different formats of multiple choice quizzes and a match-up quiz generator.

There is also a range of paid-for applications. They are also excellent and engaging. Academy (now no longer free) Academy is a 'free and open online resource for students, professionals and professors on various programs of study', enabling the creation of online quizzes and flash cards for free. The big advantage of the quiz programme is it ability to handle high quality graphics for thge close study of visual sources.
Companies offering limited but still very useful free on-line surveys include:

Commercial applications
The following have proved the most helpful of the reasonably-priced commercial applications.

Quiz Builder
Quiz Builder allows the creation of educational quizzes in Flash format that can be used on a website, as standalone EXE file or Word document. It handles images very well. is rather different in that it enables the creation of on-line activities, lessons, learning games, and web pages. ‘The effortless on-line classroom! So simple that anyone can do it!’
More expensive than Exambuddy, Quia has similar offerings. Although the front-ends to activities are less spectacular, access to material is more open.