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New KS3 History PoS: Constitutional nationalism
B. Study units C. Other resources

No IiS resources have been developed at Key Stage 3 for Catholic Emancipation, Daniel O’Connell, repeal, Gladstone, Parnell and the home rule movement.

However, it is possible to adapt or at least draw upon study units and other resources devised

on these topics for AS2, such as the following which form part of the programme developed

at Ashfield School, Ashfield in Makerfield, as part of the Nottingham Pilot Scheme.

The full programme is available at

B. Study units

6.1. Unit 1
Act of Union & Daniel O’Connell

Booklet 1: The Act of Union
1. Why did some people oppose the Act of Union?
2. What impact did the Union have on Ireland?

Booklet 2: Daniel O’Connell & Catholic Emancipation
3. How did Catholic Emancipation fare before O’Connell?
4. Who was Daniel O’Connell?
5. How was Catholic Emancipation achieved?

Booklet 3: Daniel O'Connell after Catholic Emancipation                                          

6-7. What next for Daniel O’Connell?

8. How successful was O’Connell in gaining what he set out to achieve?

PowerPoint for Unit 1                                                                                   

6.2. Unit 3

Booklet 5: Why did Gladstone get involved in Ireland and what did he do?
13. How effective were Gladstone’s early measures?

Booklet 6: Irish nationalism, 1848-1900
14-16. What were the aims and methods of the different nationalist movements during the period 1848-1890?
Techniques for starters
17. What were the aims, methods and impact of the Fenian movement?
18. What were the aims, methods and impact of the Land League?
19. What were the aims, methods and impact of the Home Rule movement?
20. Why did the Home Rule Bills fail?
21. To what extent were the aims and methods of O’Connell simply copied by Irish nationalists between 1860 and 1890?

PowerPoint for Unit 3

6.3. Unit 4 (part)
Ulster Crisis & beyond

Booklet 7: Ulster crisis
22. How did Irish Nationalism develop between 1890 and 1914?
23. How would the nationalist groups react to the events of 1890-1914?
24-5. What is the future of Ireland 1?
26. What is the future of Ireland 2?

PowerPoint for Unit 4, Lessons 22-6

Other - earlier - post-16 units
6.4. Catholic Emancipation & O’Connell

6.5. Gladstone & Ireland

6.6. Fenians to Partition

6.7. Parnell & the New Ireland

6.8. Ulster Crisis

C. Other resources
6.9. Interpretations of home rule

Review of how and why historians’ interpretations of home rule.

6.10. Why are the so many interpretations of Parnell?

A review of why historians find it difficult if not impossible to solve the Parnell enigma.