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Peace process in Northern Ireland

These resources have been compiled to support a new pilot scheme in Blackpool which wa
s devising a study unit on the peace process for Key Stage 3 in August 2007.
Final draft of unit, 23 October 2007
Why are Protestants & Catholics willing to share power in Northern Ireland now & not earlier?

A three-lesson, classifying & summarising exercise, implementing the Key Stage 3 Strategy in the Foundation Subjects:

Lesson 1 Now & then

Lesson 2 How did we get from then to now?

Lesson 3 Where do we go from here?


1. The study unit (pdf)

2. Collages used in Lesson 1 (PowerPoint)

3. More cards for use in Lesson 2 (pdf)

Colourpoint Books

Troubled Images: The Northern Ireland Troubles and Peace Process, 1968-2007 by Gordon Gillespie,. 2007, 1904242782/978-1904242789

Timeline Activity 

1. pdf version  2. PowerPoint

The Price of Peace
In the run-up to the tenth anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement, BBC reporter John Ware looked back at how peace was brokered in Northern Ireland.
News release:

1. Dealing with Gerry Sunday 2 March 2008 13:30-14:00 (Radio 4 FM)
This looks at the compromises made by Sinn Fein and asks why it took seven years to deliver the decommissioning of IRA weapons promised under the agreement.|_Price|_Peace.wma

2. Dealing with the Big Man Sunday 9 March 2008 13:30-14:00 (Radio 4 FM)
For half a century Dr Ian Paisley presented one consistent message to the Protestant people of Ulster. His was the lone voice campaigning against the agreement in 1998. So what made Paisley suddenly agree to political compromise?|_Price|_Peace.wma

3. A Shared Future Sunday 16 March 2008 13:30-14:00 (Radio 4 FM)
Northern Ireland may be at peace but reconciliation seems distant, and the divisions between communities remain. Many of the walls keeping them apart are being repaired rather than pulled down. But optimistic signs are coming from a new generation of young politicians seeking a genuinely united future.|_Price|_Peace.wma

All three broadcasts - 29 mins, 26MB
(Please contact IiS in case of difficulty.)

Is devolution working in Northern Ireland?

Beyond Westminster, BBC Radio 4, Saturday, 20 Feb 2010, 30 mins
‘Dismay with politicians at Westminster pales into insignificance compared to voters' disgust with Stormont.'

Also in mp3 format at IiS Skydrive:

Ten Years after Good Friday
BBC Radio 4 programme, 5 September 2009, examining the track record of devolved government in Northern Ireland, ten years after the Good Friday Peace Agreement.^_Good^_Friday^_01.mp3

Positive breaking news

11 November 2007

Ulster Defence Association Stands Down Military Wing (Ulster Freedom Fighters)*

BBC Report & Video * But no arms decommissioning

18 June 2009

'Loyalist groups UDA and UVF disarming after decades of terror and 1000 deaths'

Belfast Telegraph

26 April 2010

'Normalisation' of politics in Northern Ireland?
Are political leaders in Northern Ireland learning to address 'everyday' issues?
Party leaders' debate, Thursday, 22 April 2010
The UTV Leaders Debate, the first of its kind in Northern Ireland, put the leader of the DUP Peter Robinson, the President of Sinn Fein Gerry Adams, the leader of the SDLP Margaret Ritchie and the Ulster Unionist party leader Sir Reg Empey on the spot in front an audience of first time voters.

Guardian editorial, 26 April 2010
Northern Ireland newspapers reporting the debate
Belfast Telegraph (Unionist)
The nationalist Irish News is unhappily only available only by subscription.
Ulster TV recording

Texts (pdf)
Outline: Good Friday Agreement & Challenges
Sources: Peace Process after 1998
1. Power-sharing Assembly & Executive
2. Decommissioning
3. Police
4. Punishment Beatings
5. Parades
6. British Army Leaves
7. Trouble in Store: Sectarianism among the Young?
Sunningdale & the 1974 Ulster Workers’ Council strike
History Ireland Vol 15, No. 3, May/June 2007, pp 42-7 (Contact IiS for further details)
Political Groups in Northern Ireland (Mindmap)

Jonathan Powell, Great Hatred, Little Room: Making Peace in Northern Ireland

Ten years on from the Good Friday Agreement, Tony Blair's chief negotiator on Northern Ireland, looks back at events and asks why, after hundreds of years of conflict, the moment was right in 1998 to make peace.

1. BBC Radio 4 Stop the Week, Monday, 31 March 2008

Jonathan Powell talks about his book and the peace process with Andrew Marr, Misha Glenny, Mark Ravenhill and Maggie Gee (12 mins 56 secs- 2.96MB).|_The|_Week|_Peace|_Process.mp3

(Please contact IiS ationin case of difficulty.)

2. Extracts and commentaries in The Guardian

'Editor's picks'

a. Revealed: Blair's offer to meet masked IRA leaders

b. A moment in history: sitting down to talk with Adams and McGuinness
Tony Blair's first meetings with Sinn Féin's leaders in Belfast and in London were

characterised by nerves and misunderstandings on both sides

c. 'Adams and McGuinness were nervous'
Part one of Jonathan Powell's interview with the Guardian's Nick Watt about his book

Great Hatred, Little Room: Making Peace in Northern Ireland

Ian Paisley announces resignation

The Guardian, March 2008

4 March: Paisley to step down as Ulster's first minister

6 March: 'A fascinating and gracious man' by Gerry Adams

'Paisley's departure leaves the clever modernisers in charge' by Michael White

'Look back in anger' - Leader

'Focusing on his eventual compromise fails to tell the whole Ian Paisley story.'

7 March: 'Bigotry and violence made Paisley and Adams the Taliban of Europe'

by Simon Jenkins

BBC News

For more comments on Paisley's resignation, please go to:

Key Official Texts
3. Good Friday Agreement:  Summary  Text
4. St Andrews Agreement, 2006
5. Independent International Commission on Decommissioning
    IRA Decommissioning, 25 Sept. 2005
Threats to peace?
1. Street Justice,
Loyalists, August 2007: The Guardian  BBC Today (mp3)
October 2007: Ulster Unionist Leader Calls on IRA to Disband
Real IRA: Policemen Shot, 8 November  12 November 2007
4. Irish Language
    Culture Minister, Edwin Poots, Refuses to Introduce NI Language Act
    a. Press Report  b. Minister's Speech to NI Assembly
5. Dissent republican threaten power-sharing, Guardian, 28/07/2008
    a. MI5 targets republican dissidents b. Bombs & death threats
6. Provisional IRA defectors behind new Ulster violence, Guardian, 01/09/2008
7. Renewed IRA violence, March 2009
   ‘Number of Irish dissidents 'tiny' says police chief’
    ‘The Troubles are past but that doesn't keep the fear at bay now’


Sunningdale Agreement & Power-sharing Executive, 1973-74

Ian Paisley: The Life of Dr No
A look back at the controversial career of the Rev Ian Paisley, who has announced his decision to quit as leader of the Democratic Unionist party and first minister in the Northern Ireland assembly

Video clips (online)

Sunningdale Agreement & Its Opponents, 1973-74

Ulster Workers' Council Strike & the Collapse of the Power-sharing Executive, May 1975

Signing of Anglo-Irish Agreement, 15 November 1985

Orange Riots, September 2005

IRA Decommissioning: IICD, September 2005

‘crazy talk gerry adams ian paisley guy love’

'No Deals with Terrorists - an Unholy Alliance?' - Loyalist Critique of Ian Paisley

'On 8th Of May 2007 Ian Paisley entered Government with Terrorists. Is he a traitor and a hypocrite? You be the judge.'

Nolan Live - Part 1 of Paisley Interview - BBC NI - Power-sharing & Martin McGuinness

Nolan Live - Martin McGuinness Interview - BBC NI - working with Ian Paisley

Ian Paisley & Bertie Ahern at the Boyne, May 2007