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Hunger strikes, 1980-81
Resources collected for GCSE coursework at Parkside Community Comprehensive School,
Crook, Co. Durham.

1. Tasks previously set

4. British government

7. International

2. Teaching aids

5. Hunger strikers

8. Commemorating

3. Reference

6. Ulster Unionists

9. Web sites

1. Tasks previously set


Colourpoint Books Timeline Activity

1.pdf version  2. PowerPoint

Urmston GS           


BBCNI A State Apart Task 4



2. Teaching aids

Hunger Strikers: Criminals or Prisoners of War? (Ppt)

Hunger Strikes in Pictures: Slideshow (Ppt)

Hunger Strikes: Posters

News Coverage of the 1981 Irish Hunger Strikes


Slideshow (Ppt)

The Bogside Artists

3. Reference

T. Fraser - the best succinct account

'The Hunger Strikes & Their Consequences'


Special Category Status

P. Taylor

Why Was the Hunger Strike Not Settled in July 1981 Once Six Men Had Died and the Substance of the Five Demands Seemed to be on Offer?

Why Did the Hunger Strikes Come to an End on 3 October 1981?

The Dead

Hunger Strikes: Chronology
Hunger Strikes: Summary & Significance

Hunger Strikes: Posters

Ten Men Dead, Chapter 3

Armalite and Ballot Box Strategy

Bobby Sands Elected MP for Fermanagh-South Tyrone, 10 April 1981- video clip

Reactions to the Death of Bobby Sands- video clip

BBC (*with tantalising links to video clips and sound files which do not work very often)

Dirty Protest*

Overview *

Prison Protest*

History of the Maze Prison


4. British opinion

5. Hunger strikers
6. Ulster Unionist/Loyalist views

Peter Robinson (DUP), Self-Inflicted: An Exposure of the H-Blocks Issues

FAIR, Ten Criminals*

'starve u bastard'* 

* No longer available but the titles speak for themselves


7. International responses

8. Commemorating the Hunger strikers - video clips

Blanketmen, Dirty Protest, and H3

1981 Hunger Strikers

Remembering the 1981 Hunger Strikes
Song for Marcella - the name under which Bobby Sand wrote for a republican newspaper

bobby sands
The Death of Bobby Sands
The Ballad of Bobby Sands
Sad song for Susan - written by Bobby Sands whilst in the H Blocks

9. Web sites

Bobby Sands Trust
Camloch 1981 Hunger Strike Committee
The Irish Hunger Strikes: A Commemorative Project

Overview - with tantalising links to video clips and soundfiles that do not work

The 1981 Hunger Strikes: America Reacts

The Hunger Strike of 1981