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Grace O'Malley resources
* = pdf format

A. Study units: Grace O'Malley in primary history

a. Should We Call Grace O'Malley a Pirate?

    1. Study Unit- large pdf file, with many pictures, please be patient

    2. PowerPoint of Pictures

    3. The Story of Grace O'Malley (for Lesson 2, Activity 1)

        For class use or for children to read own their own: PowerPoint    pdf
    4. Sequencing Grace's Life (Drag & Drop Exercise - mouse control - Flash)

b. The Pirates Grace O'Malley & Francis Drake: Goodies or Baddies?

    1. Study Unit (pdf)

    2. Pictures & Lyrics of Songs in Unit (PowerPoint)

    3. Singalong with Grace O'Malley & Sir Francis Drake (PowerPoint with sound)

        Iconic songs: Óró sé do bheatha ‘bhaile ('You Are Welcome Home')* & Drake's Drum

c. Who needs Florence Nightingale? (QCA)*

d. Grace O’Malley & Tudor Ireland in History at KS 1 & 2*

e. Tudor Fortune Line*^

f. Why Were There So Many Armada Wrecks off the West of Ireland? *^
^ Y8 but can be adapted for Key Stages 1 & 2

B. Study units: Grace O'Malley in the Literacy Hour

'Grace O'Malley'
    fromTime Traveller 2 by R. Day, CJ Fallon, 0-71441-129-9*

b. 'Grace O'Malley' ('Ireland in Schools' version)
c. 'Who Should Control Ireland?'
    b & c in Ireland & the Tudors – Texts for the Literacy Hour & Beyond'*
NB: PowerPoint versions of 'Grace O'Malley' and 'Who Should Control Ireland?

d. Sequencing using illustrations of Grace's Life*
    from Granuaile by M. Moriarty,O'BrienPress, 0-86278-162-0

e. 'Pirate Grace' - Preview
    from My Very First Book of Irish Pirates by R. Walker, Barefoot Books, 1-84148-304-4

f. Year 3 Non-fiction Planning* (St Paul's Junior School, Liverpool)

Historical fiction & fantasy
Notes on historical novels & fantasy*
    Granuaile. Pirate Queenby M. Llywelyn, O'Brien Press, 0-86278-578-2
    Ghost of Grania O'Malley, M. Morpurgo, Egmont, 0-74974-691-2

h. Year 5 Fact & Fiction Planning* (Gorsemoor Primary Schools, Staffs)

 C. Poetry & Song

a. 'Poems & Songs'*
Granuaile by A. Chambers, Wolfhound Press, 0-86327-631-8

b. Granuaile – Songs Composed by Shaun Davey (Tara CD 3017)
      1. Sample Tracks from Tara Music
      2. Notes & Lyrics*

D. Reference

Grace O'Malley
a. Who was Grace O'Malley?

b. Grace O’Malley & Tudor Ireland – Resources & Background*
      1. Images of Grace, Coat of Arms & Castles (PowerPoint)
      2. The O'Malley Fleet (PowerPoint)
      3. Maps*
(PowerPoint version)

c. Grace & Elizabeth*

d. Grace O'Malley & the Spanish Armada*

e. Grace O'Malley/Anne Chambers
    1. 'Official site'

    2. Biographical Timeline

Historical background
a. *
Grace O'Malley: The Irish Context

b. Tudor conquest of Ireland

c. *Tudor conquest of Ireland: An Appraisal

d. Ireland & the Tudors 1: Texts for the Literacy Hour & Beyond*

e.  Ireland & the Tudors 2: Notes for Teachers *
    Tasks previously set on texts; historical commentaries

f.  Tudor Images of Ireland*

g. 'The Spanish Armada & Ireland' pdf  PowerPoint

h.  Two Gaelic Poems*