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Resources for SHP & Northern Ireland
Click here for preparatory pathways on Irish history at Key Stage 3

1. Study units - pdf format

Key Stage 3

How differently have the English & Irish regarded events in Ireland since the 12th century? - an overview of Anglo-Irish relations in one lesson

  1. Lesson   2. Sources & images (PowerPoint)
What Happened in Omagh? An Introduction of Irish History (Y7)
  1. Lesson Plans  2. Resources (PowerPoint)
Resolving Conflict in Northern Ireland (Y8)
English Attitudes to Ireland (Y9)
Peace in Northern Ireland (Y9)
Interpreting Irish History - Michael Collins (Y9)
Why Are Protestants & Catholics Willing to Share Power in Northern Ireland Now [2007] & Not Earlier?   (KS3) 
  1. Study Unit  2. Collages for Lesson 1 (PowerPoint) 3. More Resources

Colourpoint Books Timeline Activity

  1. pdf version  2. PowerPoint

Division & Peace
Ireland’s Bloody Past 1 - Lower
Ireland’s Bloody Past 2 - Higher
Orange Marches
Bloody Sunday & IRA 1 - Assignments
Bloody Sunday & IRA 2 - Background
Partition of Ireland
  1. Study unit  2. Documents
Conflict at Holy Cross School, Belfast
Warrington & Reconciliation (GCSE - RE) - contact IiS
Cal & A Modest Proposal (GCSE English)

Poetry & The Troubles 1 - with Students’ Work

Poetry & The Troubles 2 - without Students' Work

See also 'War' segment of BBC NI series on Northern Ireland Poets


2. Resources - mainly pdf format                                                                      

Media Diary
Ireland Quiz 1 - entry quiz, before starting the GCSE course

Ireland Quiz 2 - exit quiz, at the end of the course

Bombing of Markethill

  1. Behind the Headlines  2. Growing up in NI

Background on Conflict in Northern Ireland
  1. Three Questions for Teachers - Partition & Political Violence
  2. Ireland Background for Students Doing Coursework
Ulster Unionism: Some Questions 
Political Groups in Northern Ireland (Mindmap)

'Gallery' Art & 'The Troubles' 

Murals in Northern Ireland

  1. Symbols  2. Loyalist  3. Republican   4. Sorting Exercise
DEC Citizenship Exercise

  1. Tasks & Murals  2. Slideshow of Murals (Ppt)

Constructing Five Murals: Techniques of the Bogside Artists

  1. Pdf Booklet  2. PowerPoint Version
Kathryn Conrad's Northern Ireland Photo Gallery: murals, graffiti, marches, & protests

Marches & Murals - 1916 & Present

Reading Images: Murals in Northern Ireland  PowerPoint (added 30/04/07)
, The Guardian, 12 July 2006

'Gables' end: Murals to be replaced'

* Slideshows: Murals in NI: 1. Symbols 2. Loyalist 3. Republican

Crown forces in Northern Ireland: Posters (PowerPoint)

  (Army in action; memorial to RUC dead)
Warrington Bombing - Press Reactions - contact IiS
Irish History in Song 
The Black & Tans and the Auxiliaries (Post-16)
  1. Documents & Sources  2. Images (PowerPoint)
Art & ‘the Troubles’
  1. PowerPoint  2. Three Examples (pdf)
Seeing the Whole Picture in Northern Ireland (PowerPoint)
BBC: Northern Ireland

  1965-85 Northern Ireland 'Troubles'

  A State Apart


3. Resources - sound & video clips