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Resources: English & literacy
1. General 
4. Historical 
7. Drama

2. Myths, legends & fairy tales

5. Contemporary  

8. Research skills/non-fiction 

3. Fantasy

6. Poetry
9. Publishers & other resources 

CH indicates links with Citizenship & History. 
IR indicates that the resource was devised by teachers or curriculum authorities in Ireland but can be adapted to the curriculum in England, Scotland and Wales.
~ Please contact IiS for the resources thus marked.
O'Brien indicates teaching guide available from O'Brien Press

1. General

Irish Children’s Fiction (KS1 & 2) - pdf & PowerPoint ~
Collected NLS Weekly Planning Sheets (Rec’n to Y6)

Irish Pigs in the Literacy Hour - Resources (Y4)
Irish Texts for KS3 & beyond - pdf & PowerPoint ~
‘Tasters for KS3 English’ - extracts from recent Irish fiction

2. Myths, legends & fairy tales

The Bodach of the Grey Coat (Rec’n; c/curricular) pp 1-20  pp 21-40
Irish Giants (Y3)
Giants’ Week (Y5 & 6 SEN)
Finn M’Coul (Y5 & 6)
  1. Planning   2. Children's Responses
Sea Woman - Gorsemoor (Y5 & 6)
Human Beings under a Spell (Y5 & 6)
Celtic Magic Tales (Y5 & 6)

  1. Exercises   2. Children's responses  3. Comparing themes

The Quest for Aideen (Y5 & 6)
The Celts, Ireland, Myths - Bridging Unit 2 (Y7)  Y6 Unit
The Celts - The Background
Irish Myths & Legends: The Background

Irish Myths and Legends (Web Quest) IR

Mythical Ireland IR

How Setanta became Cuchulain - video BBC
3. Fantasy & mystery

Irish & Other Monsters (Y5 & 6 SEN)
The Leprechaun Who Wished He Wasn’t (Y5 & 6 SEN)   O'Brien
  1. Planning   2. Worksheets   3. Children's Work
Jimmy’s Leprechaun Trap (Y5)  O'Brien
Charlie Harte & His Two-Wheeled Tiger (Y5)   O'Brien
Mystery & Magic 1 - MacRaois & Garner (Y5 & 6)
Mystery & Magic 2 - Responses (Y5 & 6) - a very large file!
Mystery & Magic 3 - Redfire (Y5 & 6)
Battle below Giltspur - Bridging Unit 1 (Y6)  Y7 Unit

Cirque du Freak (Y5 & 6)  Darren Shan's Website
Artemis Fowl (Y7)   Artemis Fowl Website
  1. Planning & Worksheets  2. Researching Ireland

4. Historical

Irish Illustrators - PJ Lynch (Y5 & 6) ~
Under the Hawthorn Tree - Famine Story ( (Y5 & 6) CH   O'Brien
Under the Hawthorn Tree: NLS Planning Sheet - Sefton (Y5)
Famine Images (pdf):

  1. Starvation  2. English Press  3. Evaluation
1916 (Y9) CH

  1. Teacher’s Notes  2. Student Workbook

Marches & Murals - 1916 & Present CH
1916 Easter Rising & the Somme - Images (PowerPoint)
Easter Rising Remembered in Irish Art (PowerPoint)

Using historical fiction: Children as evacuees & refugees in the Second World War 

1. How Far Does Reading & Writing Historical Fiction Help Us to Understand the Past? Yrs 5/6 /7, mainly History & PSHE
  a. Evacuees - London to Co. Wicklow, Eire, using Safe Harbour   O'Brien

      Drama Strategy for Lesson 2
  b. Refugees - Vienna to Co. Down, N. Ireland, using Faraway Home,   O'Brien
  c. Notes for Teachers

2. What Was it Like to be a Child during WWII? - Yr 5, mainly History, but using Safe Harbour

3. Safe Harbour - Yr 6 NLS Planning Sheet

4. Evacuees in WWII: Dance Scheme of Work - Yr 6, based on Safe Harbour

5. The Holocaust: an Irish Response - KS3 RE, using Faraway Home and the Millisle Refugee Farm

6. Slideshows of images used in resources (IiS)
  a. N. Ireland  b. Éire  c. Millisle  d. Evacuees~  e. Refugees~
5. Contemporary

Fireman Sinead Sequencing (KS1)  O'Brien

Christy’s Dream (Y5)
The Five Hundred (Y5 & 6 SEN)  O'Brien
Sisters No Way! (Y5 & 6) ~  O'Brien
Moon King - Workbook (Y5 & 6)  O'Brien
Four Kids, Three Cats, Two Cows, One Witch (maybe)  O'Brien
   1. Y7 Text Unit   2. Y8 Text Unit
Cal & A Modest Proposal (GCSE) CH

6. Poetry
Smugglers of Mourne - Planning (KS2)
Irish Poetry for Year 4 - pdf & PowerPoint
Irish Poetry 1 - General (Y5 & 6)
Irish Poetry 2 - Dreams (Y 6)
'Echoes in the Wilderness' - Contemporary Irish Poets (Y9)
Enjoying Contemporary Irish Poetry (GCSE)
'Crossing the Irish Sea' (GCSE)
  1. Anthology & Activities  2. Students’ Work
Poetry & The Troubles (Y9 & GCSE)
  1. with Students’ Work   2. without Students' Work 
Eclipse of Gaelic Ireland 

Two Related Poems: W.B Yeats (Y6)

Poetry of Michael Longley (KS4/5)

Religious Themes in School Leaving Poetry (KS4 plus)

Northern Ireland poets, BBC N. Ireland

Patrick Kavanagh Multimedia Schools Project

Poetry Ireland

7. Drama

Finn & the Fawn - Physical Drama & Literacy Hour(Y5 & 6)

  1. Planning  2. Children's Drama Diaries  3. PowerPoint
Finn & the Fawn - Narrative Poem Only
Drama strategy for Lesson 2, Safe Harbour workbook
Doolough - A Playscript (Y9) CH
Drama, Citizenship & the Irish Famine (GCSE) CH
Irish Inspirations for Original Drama (A-level)

8. Research skills & non-fiction texts

Researching Irish Authors - Wilde & Waddell (Y5 & 6)
Attracting Tourists to Ireland (Y5)
Researching & Presenting Ireland (Y7)
Four Kids, Three Cats, Two Cows, One Witch (maybe)   O'Brien

  1. Y7 Research Unit  2. Y8 Research Unit 

Viking Ireland & Brian Boru (Y4)
Ireland & the Tudors  CH

  1. Texts  2. Notes for Teachers

Grace O’Malley in Literacy Hour (Y3)
  1. Planning  2. Text  3. Sequencing
Fact & Fiction- Grace O’Malley (Y5)
Famine in Ireland CH

9. Publishers & other resources 

O'Brien Press - Ireland's leading publisher of books for children & young adults

Children's Books Ireland

Co. Clare Library Children's Services

Patrick Kavanagh Multimedia Schools Project

Poetry Ireland