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Óró sé do bheatha ‘bhaile                                                        Granuaile as a metaphor for Ireland

Traditional air

click here for pdf version 


This song is about Granuaile, or Grace O'Malley, the sea-queen of Connacht.

She lived in the sixteenth century and was usually in conflict with the Tudors who were set on conquering Ireland.


It probably dates from Gráinne's own lifetime as a song welcoming her home after one of the occasions in which she was held captive by the English.


Padriac Pearse, one of the leaders of the Irish Rebellion of 1916, composed the poem, upon which modern versions of the song are based, as invitation to all the Irishmen in Europe who were fighting for the British Empire and the freedom of small nations to come home and tackle the ancient foe on their own little island.


‘Sé do bheatha a bhean ba léanmhar!

Bé ár gcreach tú bheith i ngéibhinn

Do dhúiche bhreá i seilbh meirleach

IS tú díolta leis na Ghallaibh





Óró, sé do bheatha 'bhaile

Óró, sé do bheatha 'bhaile!

Óró, sé do bheatha 'bhaile!

Anois ar theacht an tsamhraidh!


A bhuí le Rí na bhfeart go bhfeiceam

Muna mbíonn beo 'na dhiaidh ach seachtain

Gráinne Mhaol agus mile gaiscioch

Ag fógairt fáin ar Ghallaibh!




Tá Gráinne Mhaol ag teacht thar sáile,

Óglaigh armtha léi mar gharda

Gaeil iad féin is ní Gaill ná Spáinnigh

'S cuirfid siad ruaig ar Ghallaibh!




Welcome Oh woman who was so afflicted

It was our ruin that you were in bondage

Our fine land in the possession of thieves

And sold to the foreigners


Óró! You are welcome home

Óró! You are welcome home

Óró! You are welcome home

Now that summer is coming


May it please the God of Miracles that we may see

Although we only live a week after it

Grainne Mhaol and a thousand warriors

Dispersing the foreigners




Grainne Mhaol is coming over the sea

Armed warriors along with her as guard

They are Irishmen, not English or Spanish

And they will rout the foreigners

Rough Phonetic

Shay duh vah-ha uh vahn bah layn-var,

B-Ay air grack too veh EEnn gay-vin,

Do-oo-EEv rah-EE shay-live mare-lawchk...

Iss too deal-tah lesh nah Gah-live!




Oh-roe shay duh vah-ha wall-ya,

Oh-roe shay duh vah-ha wall-ya,

Oh-roe shay duh vah-ha wall-yaaa,

Ah-nish air hawkt un tauw-rEE!


Ah vEE leh rEE nah vairt guh veck-ann

Mun-uh mEEn b-yo in-uh jeh-i(d)-ock shawktan

Gran-yah wail iss mEE-leh gahsh-kEE...

Egg foe-gurt fahn air Gah-live




Tah gran-yah wail egg chawkt ar saul-yah Oh-gulEE ar-muh lay mahr gard-uh

Gayl EE-ad fayn iss nEE Gahl nah spahn-EE...

Iss cur-fee(d) shEE-id roo-ig air Gah-live!