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Why were British troops sent to Northern Ireland
in 1969?
Resources collected for GCSE coursework at Parkside Community Comprehensive School,
Crook, Co. Durham.

1. Tasks previously set

3. Reference

5. Pictures

2. Teaching aid

4. Websites

6. Videos clips

1. Tasks previously set on 1969


An Outline Answer

Exercises in Peace & Tolerance


BBC (NI): A State Apart, Lesson 2

1. Tasks  2. Notes for Teachers

Timeline Activity

1. pdf version  2. PowerPoint

2. Teaching aids
3. Reference

Date Lists


Why Did Political Violence Break Out in Northern Ireland in 1968-69? (IiS briefing)

Why Were British Troops Sent to Northern Ireland in 1969?

1. Brief Narrative  2.Sample Essay (Free Essay Library)

On This Day: 14 August 1969 - British Troops Sent into Northern Ireland

Socialist Worker's View of Troops' Intervention

Cameron Report on the Northern Ireland Disturbances, 1969

1. Summary of Conclusions  2. Full Report


4. Websites

Ireland in Schools

Supporting the Schools History Project

Museum of Free Derry


5. Pictures

Slideshow of jpg images (PowerPoint)


6. Video clips (wmv format)

Civil rights issues


Local government


Civil rights demonstrations & counter-demonstrations

Prime Minister Faulkner on the Meaning of the British Connection

Caledon Housing Protest, June 1968

Marches & Confrontations, 1968

People's Democracy March, January 1969

Burntollet Bridge Ambush, January 1969

Battle of the Bogside & beyond

'The Troubles': August 1968 - Apprentice Boys, Battle of the Bogside, British Troops

BBC4 Documentary: 'The Battle of the Bogside'

Burning of Belfast, August 1969

'Derry Merry, Derry Free': Free Derry Fleadh, August 1969

Apprentice Boys of Derry - Derry's Walls

Republican View of the Battle of the Bogside

After the intervention of British troops
IRA v. British Troops (Republican perspective)

Loyalist Paramilitary Perspective on Conflict

The Soldier - The Sacrifice of the British Army in Ulster (Loyalist video)

Sergeant Michael G. Willets, 27, 3 Paras, died 25 May 1971'

Ian Paisley
Protestant Leader, Politician, Prisoner, July 1966

Opposes Terence O'Neill & His Reforms, February 1969

Rejects 1985 Anglo-Irish Agreement

‘crazy talk gerry adams ian paisley guy love’


History of the Red Hand of Ulster

Red Hand of Ulster for Dummies